custom skateboard deck

Blank Skateboard Decks

Blank Skateboard Decks Factory Direct!
Blank skateboard decks at factory direct prices with 100% Canadian Maple made in the USA. All of our blank skateboards are garanteed against delamination. These blank skateboards are stronger than the imported decks from overseas using 100% Canadian maple. Yea that is right Canadian Maple is exported overseas to factories with workers that dont even skateboard. Thes mass production fatories overseas don't keep quality in mind. We are one of the only factory that will answer you phone call Monday-Friday 8-5. We stand behind our product and workmanship.

blank skateboard decks

Our custom skateboards are top quality we dare you to compare our wood with any other wood shop out there. Our price is the best compered to any other USA skateboard manufacturer.

Looking to start up your own brand well you came to the right place. We have the equipment and technology to make you grow fast and look just as big as all the other top brands. It is not 1999 anymore and skateboard manufacturing has come along way well at least with us. We have put so much time and effort into making skateboards faster and easier so you can reap the benefits.